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A site that will test the speed of your connection - PC Pitstop Internet Connection Center.

McAfee has a similar function - their Internet Connection Speedometer.

A site that will test your computer's vulnerability to snooping and possible attack from the internet - Gibson Research Corporation's ShieldsUP!. When you get there, click on the ShieldsUP! graphic graphic. Plus lots more information on keeping your computer secure from invasion and leaks.

The current state of overall internet traffic on a scale of 0-100; higher is better.

ClinicMcAfee Clinic includes VirusScan online, antivirus software that is always kept up to date, along with several other useful utilities, for $29.95 a year. Requires internet access, Windows 95/98, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher installed (can be used with Netscape after downloading a special plugin, but IE 4.0+ must be installed on the computer).

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Created 5/5/00

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