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So: Who is Bill Landau, and why is this “Home Page” here? That is undoubtably the question that is uppermost in the minds of all who read this. (If it isn't, I don't want to know about it!) Bill is a 68-year-old retired bureaucrat who has been “surfing the Web” since November 1994. He put up this home page mainly to show that anybody can do it, and to provide a list of other pages that interest him. Enough of this referring to myself in the third person already! If you want, for some unfathomable reason, to know more about me, click here.

As an aside, for you Dilbert fans, another reason is that Scott Adams stated, way back in Dilbert Newsletter 7.0, that members of Dogbert's New Ruling Class get “50 DNRC status points if you get somebody to put a link to the Dilbert web page from another web site.” Since I couldn't think of anybody to ask, I just created my own web site; as you can see, I managed to convince myself to create the link <G>. Visit there, too, if you want to become a member of DNRC.

And, finally, it is cheaper than buying a red convertible....

Bill's List of Web Pages

A sampling of a few pages that interest me, that I find useful, or both....

The Dilbert Zone
Beth Sholom Congregation, Potomac, MD
The synagogue of which I am a member; past president; and founding and former webmaster
USPS ZIP Code Lookup
Department of Veterans Affairs
My (former) employer
Everett Kaser Software
Everett Kaser produces the absolute best in logic and puzzle games for the PC!!

My personal store

Two articles by my sister-in-law, Mary Jean Renstrom:
How Does Menstruation Affect Diabetes Control?
Using a Square Wave Bolus

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